You are your own terror

And for all muslim fellows, let’s team up to clear things up. Islamophobia is our massive homework to sort out. -Annisa Pratiwanda

what has happened?

Last week I had a chance to join a talk about Islamophobia in Leeds Grand Mosque which held by MEND , an organization based on research works in anti-muslim discrimination. This event was not only attended by muslim fellows but also other people from various religions. MEND highlighted on the causes and cures to Islamophobia in United Kingdom. According to the talk, apparently there are three main causes to Islamophobia:

1. Media biased

Media is obviously one of the most powerful tools to frame people’s mind. Unfortunately, this powerful tool cannot really use its potential to the maximum level. Quoting Slamet Rahardjo, Indonesian director, actor, and screenwriter: “Penonton itu dididik, bukan dilayani.” (translated) “Viewers are to be educated not to be served only.

2. Legislation (government rules)

Many of UK government’s regulations do not protect Islam as much as they protect other religions. It seems that UK government clearly swallows…

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